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Technical Communicators Resource Site

The Technical Communicators Resource Site is maintained by Duncan Kent & Associates Ltd. as a comprehensive resource for writers of technical publications. Let us know of Web resources we should know about.

Design and Desktop Publishing

Resources relating to design and desktop publishing.

Policy and Procedure Manuals

Resources relating to policy, procedure, and operations manuals.

Professional Resources

If you’re an aspiring technical communicator or currently working in the field, you may find these professional associations helpful.


Some of the most popular tools for word processing and desktop publishing, Web publishing, graphics creation, and help authoring with links to the software Web site.

Style, Grammar, and Usage

Information on style, grammar, and usage.

User Guides and Online Help Systems

Resources relating to user guides and online help systems.

Web Design/Development

Resources relating to Web development.

Web Usability

Resources relating to Web usability.

Writing and Editing

Resources relating to technical writing and editing.

Policy and Procedure Manuals Online

Policy and Procedure Manuals

Many organizations have published their policy manuals online—this page links to just a few online manuals that we’ve found. We don't necessarily recommend these as good manuals, but they may provide some helpful ideas about content.

Local Resources

If you’re entering or working in the technical communication profession and live in British Columbia, Canada, you may find these professional associations helpful.