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Need help with your technical documents? We’re Duncan Kent & Associates Ltd. We’ve delivered more than 200 manuals, technical publications, Web sites, and help systems to more than 100 organizations. How can our experienced team of technical communicators and production specialists help you?

Introducing E-manuals

What are E-manuals? E-manuals are customized web-based online manuals. We can convert your old print manual into a full-featured online manual accessible from your intranet or internet site.

E-manuals let readers find essential information fast, reducing mistakes and improving your organization's operational efficiency while significantly reducing document printing and maintenance costs. More information

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Duncan Kent & Associates Ltd.
1581 Jefferson Ave
West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
V7V 2A2

Phone: (604) 616-5544

The Technical Communicators Resource Site

The Technical Communicators’ Resource Site has links to hundreds of Web sites of interest to those developing technical publications.

Our Publications

Writing Revisable ManualsWriting Revisable Manuals – A Handbook for Business and Government
Writing StyleguideWriting Styleguide and Dictionary of Plain English
Sharpening Your Writing SkillsSharpening Your Writing Skills – A Workshop for Business and Technical Writers